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TOGAF9 - TOGAF® 9.1 Certification For Practitioners

TOGAF9 - TOGAF® 9.1 Certification for Practitioners (Level 1 & 2)

TOGAF®9, the latest version of TOGAF® released in February 2009 is an evolution of TOGAF® 8. TOGAF®9.1 is more towards holistic Enterprise Architecture, meaning TOGAF® is moving towards Architecting the Enterprise, just not Technology. TOGAF®9 is more modular, well structured and more prescriptive.

TOGAF® (The Open Group Architecture Framework), from The Open Group, is the industry standard Enterprise Architecture framework. Using TOGAF® to drive your organization's business strategy and planning provides the coverage necessary to address the range of Enterprise Architecture domains from Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Data Architecture to Technology Architecture, Architecture Governance, Change Management and linkages to Solution Architecture.

Candidates who have completed this course will be able to use TOGAF® to understand, develop, implement and manage their organization's technology governance by :
Understanding Enterprise Architecture basics Familiarization with common terminology of Enterprise Architecture Complete understanding of TOGAF® 9 Getting practical experience on how to use TOGAF® in their work


The purpose of this 4-day course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to become certified in TOGAF® 9.1, while understanding how to apply the framework by working through a series of case studies.

The Open Group's TOGAF® standard is a proven enterprise architecture methodology and framework used by the world's leading organizations to improve business efficiency and drive competitive advantage. The TOGAF® standard helps practitioners avoid being locked into proprietary methods, utilize resources more efficiently and effectively, and realize a greater return on investment. TOGAF® is an industry-standard architecture framework that may be used freely by your organization to develop architecture.

Key Learning Objectives

You will gain the knowledge needed to prepare for and achieve both TOGAF® 9.1 Level 1 (Foundation) certification and TOGAF® Level 2 (Certified), including You will learn:

  • The frameworks and structure of TOGAF®
  • Explain TOGAF Concepts and describe how then can be realized with TOGAF's templates as well as pulling threads together to build a roadmap
  • How to analyze and apply TOGAF® knowledge
  • TOGAF Certification element covering all testable learning outcomes
  • Case Studies
  • Reinforces how TOGAF used to architect key capabilities
  • Provides a common conversation reference about TOGAF's concepts

  • Recommended Prerequisites

    Some enterprise architecture experience is beneficial. Awareness of organizational processes is useful.

    Who Should Attend?

    People interested in receiving TOGAF 9.1 certification, such as:

  • Chief Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Solution Architects

  • Certification Exam

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a voucher allowing you to schedule the TOGAF® 9.1 Level 1 and Level 2 certification exam. You will schedule the exams through a Prometric Test Center of your choice. The TOGAF® 9.1 Level 1 certification exam is a 60-minute closed book exam. The TOGAF® Level 2 certification exam is a 90-minute open book exam. You must pass the exams to achieve certification.

    Day 1


  • Overview of TOGAF & EA
  • Baseline of TOGAF components
  • What is an 'enterprise architecture'
  • Concepts
  • How you describe it
  • Governance

  • Case study Activities:

  • Purpose & benefits of EA
  • Business Motivation
  • Architecture Principles

  • Day 2


  • How an Architecture is used
  • How an Architecture is sustained
  • Development of an EA Capability
  • Techniques of developing an Architecture
  • Starting description of an architecture Phase A (Vision)
  • Stakeholder Analysis

  • Case study Activities:

  • Stakeholders

  • Day 3


  • Developing an Architecture
  • Phase B, C & D
  • Business, Information Systems & Technology

  • Case study Activities:

  • Create traceable architecture
  • Business, Information Systems & Technology

  • Day 4


  • Requirements & Traceability
  • Consumption of architecture – roadmap development
  • Exam preparation

  • Case study Activities:

  • Demonstrate traceability to Stakeholder
  • Create initial Roadmap
  • After class: Sample exam for TOGAF Certification Part 1

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